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Global Higher Education Network (GHEN)

The Global Higher Education Network (GHEN) is USM’s program under APEX Agenda tasks as a core and catalyst that amasses higher education experts from around the world to facilitate effective cooperation and collaboration in Higher Education (HE), this is congruent with the goal for enhancing Malaysia’s global presence through reputation, collaboration, and contribution in HE development. The network will also support the National Higher Education Research Institute in organizing biennial Global Higher Education Forum (GHEF).  This event (GHEF) was established to discuss the issues relevant to higher education regarding policies, training and sustainable development of the nation’s workforce in an increasingly globalized world. (GHEN) is a platform initiated by USM that particularly supports the 8th shift which is ‘Global Prominence’ in the Malaysia Education Blueprint 2015-2025 (Higher Education) . This network therefore functions as a strategic meeting point and a platform for various international academics to exchange thoughts and ideas similar to how the country could be strategic meeting place for academic and research collaborations in HE.

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