Postgraduate Certificate in Higher Education Leadership & Management

Programme Overview

Higher education is an important part of our society by in advancing knowledge development, nation-building and economic prosperity through research, education and service. The Postgraduate Certificate in Higher Education Leadership and Management programme is designed to provide a systematic way to understand this complex field, and unleash the potentials of the participants and maximise their contribution in higher education. In recognising different challenges faced by matured and established systems as compared to those in transition and developing systems, this programme is dedicated for practitioners and interested parties to understand higher education with a strong focus on Malaysia and other developing systems in the Global South.

The programme consists of 20 credits and will be structured equivalent to a Level 7 Postgraduate Certificate in the Malaysian Qualifications Framework.

  • Structure: The programme consists of 5 modules. Each module carries 4 Credits

    Module 1: Higher Education and Development
    Module 2: Governance, Institutional Development and Strategic Planning
    Module 3: Leadership
    Module 4: Funding and Financing
    Module 5: Quality Assurance and Accreditation
  • Duration: 6 months (8 full days/4 weekends per module)
  • Delivery Modes: Blended lectures & tutorials, Case study, Periodical reflections
  • Assessment Modes: Formative & Summative
  • Fees: To be announced, in compliance with HRDF

The targeted participants of this programme are practitioners, those working in higher education institutions, and anyone interested in higher education. They may include institutional leaders, academic leaders, academics, administrators, managers, policymakers, bureaucrats, journalists, educational/career counsellors, and/or human resource practitioners.


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