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Senior Lecturer
National Higher Education Research Institute
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. / 04-6535766

Mahiswaran Selvanathan is a Senior Lecturer at National Higher Education Research Institute (IPPTN), Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM). His research areas are higher education policy, academic profession, and human resource. Since he worked with private higher learning institutions for nearly six years, his research interest currently are focuses mainly on private higher learning institutions policies and others which are related.









Hazri Bin Jamil, Ahmad Firdaus Bin Ahmad Shabudin, Mahiswaran A/l Selvanathan, Muhizam Bin Mustafa, PROF. DR. AINUL JARIA MAIDIN , PROF. DR. ZULKIFFLEE BIN MOHAMED , KAJIAN DASAR BERKAITAN TREND PELAJAR ANTARABANGSA BEKERJA SAMBILAN DI MALAYSIA, RM193,163.05, 01/09/2019-31/01/2020 (Kementerian Pengajian Tinggi-BGS)

Majid Ghasemy, Hazri Bin Jamil, Mahiswaran A/l Selvanathan, Morshidi Bin Sirat, A theoretical model for the contribution of affective states to attitudes and behaviors of Malaysian academic leaders:A comparative study to highlight the role of work environment features in creating a conductive academic setting, RM79,200.00, 01/09/2019-31/05/2022 (FRGS)

Morshidi Bin Sirat, Majid Ghasemy, Hazri Bin Jamil, Abd Karim Bin Alias, Muhamad Saiful Bahri Bin Yusoff, Wan Zuhainis Saad, Munir Bin Shuib, Mahiswaran A/l Selvanathan, Mazlinawati Mohamed, SDG4: Planning for Flexible Learning Pathways in Higher Education, RM150,000.00, 01/06/2019-31/12/2020 (UNESCO Paris)


Mahiswaran A/l Selvanathan, Clarene Tan Chern Chieh, IBIWANI ALISA HUSSAIN , Majid Ghasemy, Munir Bin Shuib, Lecturers� Attitude Towards Lecturers� Quality in Teaching and Learning in Foreign University Branch Campuses in Malaysia, RM21,947.00, 01/02/2020-30/04/2022

Anees Janee Bin Ali @ Hamid, Mahiswaran A/l Selvanathan, PROF. MADYA DR. YAZRINA YAHYA , PUAN NORDIANA MOHD NORDIN , Role of Internalization at Home, Intercultural Competence and Global Citizenship to Enhance the Global Employability of Malaysia Students, RM38,000.00, 01/11/2020-30/04/2024






Main supervisor

Ming Li, 2020, Doctor of Philosophy (AKTIF)

Junying Feng, 2020, Doctor of Philosophy (AKTIF)

Devi Priya A/p Murgan, 2020, Master (AKTIF)



Li Ying, 2020, Doctor of Philosophy (AKTIF)




Main supervisor

Jayanthi A/p Muniandy , 2021, Doctor of Philosophy (AKTIF)

Prakash A/l Velloo, 2021, Doctor of Philosophy (AKTIF)